We are glad to see that you have taken an interest in the Cornestone Baptist Church.


We hope that you find a place to get involved and also to serve the Lord with us! There are many ministries available, and others will be available in the future!



An adult Sunday School class is meeting every Sunday Morning to help teach the Word of God, and train people
to serve God.



We offer a Nursery for those under four years old. This will enable you to enjoy the service.



The children’s Sunday School classes are for ages 4-8 and 9-12. During the Morning service we have a children’s service. During the summer we will be having Vacation Bible School. We also have Bible Clubs on a weekly basis.



We currently offer a teen Sunday School class from ages 13-18 to help us reach out to the youth in our community. We offer children and teen activities about
once a month.


College & Career

We offer activities for young adults and times of fellowship.



  Ladies Bible studies are available in order to strengthen ladies in God’s Word, and provide a time of fellowship.


Bible Study

We have a mid-week Bible study on Wednesday night with a time of prayer. We also offer in-home discipleship courses to help you grow in your knowledge of the Bible.



We offer transportation to children and adults of all ages. We want to give the opportunity for all people to attend church.



As God provides workers we will reach out to the Spanish speaking community. In the future we plan to have a Spanish service.


Nursing Home

We offer the opportunity for you to help minister to those who are not able to get out and join us.

Good Samaritan

For those you may know who need a helping hand, let us know and we will do all we can to help meet that need. This also includes helping take care of the church grounds and building.



One of the greatest ministries is visitation. We meet at the church every Saturday at 10:00 AM to knock on doors and pass out invitations. The pastor is also available to make visits with you during the week.


Reformers Unanimous

This is a ministry design to strengthen people through God’s Word, who battle drugs, alcohol, and any other addiction.



We have Christ honoring music to worship God and strengthen the believer. We like to encourage people to use their musical talent for the Lord. Some time in the future, we will be starting a choir.


Getting Involved

If you see a ministry you would like to participate in or would like to serve in, please let the me know. I would be glad to help you get involved.


If you do not see a ministry listed here that you are interested in, please let me  know, and we will do all we can to start a new ministry. Many of the ministries that we have now, started from a request or a need of someone in the church.

- Pastor Mike Piazza